Loving The Heart of the Wood

Monday 24th November 2014 at 21:01

Loving the Heart of the Wood


With the days gone by when every respectable house hold had a polite butler and a merry maid to look after the house, clean and wax the Georgian furniture, it is nice to know that with today’s modern finishes and cleaning products it does not need to be a chore.

With various different finishes on furniture these days it is hard to decide what is best to use to clean and look after them with. It’s simple, use the best product you can afford, whether the furniture has a spray polished finished or just the more tradition hand polish method, all furniture cleaning products can be used but it’s the way you apply them can make a difference in the end.

Wax spray polish is great, it’s even better now, that they have diminished those angry Co2 gasses. It is convenient to use, simple and quick but spray it on the cloth and not the furniture. This way you can control the amount of wax and where you apply it to the furniture. If like me you are a bit heavy handed it does not leave areas saturate in spots of wax or your beautiful ‘orchard apple green’ walls turning to ‘bruised apple yellow’ where the spray has settled.

If you want to go further and give your table a smoothing wax massage and maybe disguise the odd scratch then use a good quality hard wax. This does take a bit more time but the furniture will love you for it. Not only will it enhance it tenfold but protect it from spills and the harmful ultra violet ray, but use it sparingly!!!!
We once supplied a customer with a Victorian wind out table and we had a phone call a week later saying the polish has gone milky. It turn out that her cleaner had waxed the table every day and the wax built up too much. We rectified the problem by washing the table off with white spirit and giving it a couple of coats of French Polish. The table was fine but the cleaner had the keys taken away from the house maid closet.

A great tip to make your loved one think you have waxed for hours!!

When using hard wax forget about the thought of endless buffing and the relentless ‘peering across the table’ stance, just apply the wax in small areas as stated on the tin, leave the wax to go hard for a couple of minutes then use a spray wax polish on a cloth to buff off the wax. This method takes off excess wax but leaves enough on the table giving it that ‘spent hours and a lot of elbow grease’ look in minutes.

Nick Harman