Is Aniline Leather for Me

Aniline Leather is the whole hide or top grain that is used. The hides are soaked in a natural aniline dye (no permanent colour). The hides are then further soaked in wax and oils to bring out the natural patina of the hide. It is manufactured from only the highest-quality hides with a minimal, yet not without, a number of imperfections, such as bite marks, stretch marks and scars. Whilst we have our numerous different fabric coverings, we only use Aniline leather for the sofas, chairs, dining chairs and occasional pieces we produce. 

We choose the best top grain hides then simply do nothing other than soak it. We do not tamper with what nature created. We do not correct any mottling, scarring, insect bites or any other imperfection in the hide. We choose to highlight these imperfections, and as a result each piece we produce has a wonderful natural finish, full of character and uniqueness. Each piece that you own will be individual to you and over the years of care and use will develop more character.


If you live in a particularly busy household with kids and dogs then maybe aniline is not for you.

Although aniline leather is the best and most expensive leather it is not for everyone. Because no pigment coating is used on aniline leather, it is very susceptible to staining. If liquid, such as coffee, is spilt onto your aniline leather sofa, the liquid will be absorbed immediately and will very quickly darken the affected area until it dries. This often results in a stain that will only fade with time.


Leather Protection Cream is a water-based leather protector used to condition, protect, nourish, and re-instate the aroma into old and new leather items.

As leather is used, skin oils, perspiration, and grease will slowly start to attack the leather, causing the leather to discolour, crack and peel. This damage can be seen on most items of furniture where a person rests their hands and head, on car steering wheels, the collars of jackets appearing as a dull, dark mark, or the handles on a handbag which shows as a dark stain.

Leather Protection Cream provides advanced barrier protection technology to help repel all oil and water-based stains from leather, helping to prevent the aforementioned problems from occurring.

The barrier applied to the leather will also hold general dirt and soiling on the leather's surface, making it much easier to clean and care for, with the added bonus of also stopping pen marks, clothing dye transfer, etc. from penetrating the leather's coating. This allows such staining to be cleaned off using our Leather Cream as opposed to needing specialist treatment.

The barrier also helps stop the dirt from abrading the leather; as you use leather you cause friction that slowly starts to wear the leather coating away. The protection cream acts a barrier between the leather and the dirt abrasions, helping to prevent premature wear and tear.