Finesse Fabrics Samples

Bespoke design service available for all of our Vintage Leather furniture pieces.
Choose from a wide variety of Moon Wool or Harris Tweed fabrics and leather as well as a selection of Finesse Fabrics
You have the choice to mix and match your fabric and leather, or if you would prefer to keep things more simple, you can opt for a full leather or full fabric design.

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Blentham Zinc Blentham Zinc
Casello Ash Casello Ash
Castello Obsidian Castello Obsidian
Castello Blush Castello Blush
Castello Claret Castello Claret
Castello Corn Castello Corn
Castello Lilac Castello Lilac
Castello Midnight Castello Midnight
Castello Mink Castello Mink
Castello Moss Castello Moss
Castello Nickel Castello Nickel
Castello Oyster Castello Oyster
Castello Peach Castello Peach
Castello Pine Castello Pine
Castello Plum Castello Plum
Downton Blush Downton Blush
Downton Burgundy Downton Burgundy
Downton Celadon Downton Celadon
Downton Gold Downton Gold
Downton Graphite Downton Graphite
Downton Hazel Downton Hazel
Hardwick Celadon Hardwick Celadon
Hardwick Coal Hardwick Coal
Iona Cara Dove Iona Cara Dove
Iona Cara Rose Iona Cara Rose
Linnet Aqua Linnet Aqua
Opulence Cerulean Opulence Cerulean
Opulence Charcoal Opulence Charcoal
Opulence Mink Opulence Mink
Opulence Powder Opulence Powder
Opulence Royal Opulence Royal
Opulence Saffron Opulence Saffron
Opulence Steel Opulence Steel
Opulence Tangerine Opulence Tangerine
Opulence Teal Opulence Teal
Pierro Autumn Pierro Autumn
Pierro Carolin Blue Pierro Carolin Blue
Pierro Ocean Pierro Ocean
Pierro Smoke Pierro Smoke
Pierro Spring Pierro Spring
Pierro Thunderstorm Pierro Thunderstorm
Sorrento Duck Egg Sorrento Duck Egg
Sorrento Mink Sorrento Mink
Sorrento Nickel Sorrento Nickel
Sorrento Putty Sorrento Putty
Vegas Airforce Vegas Airforce
Orkney Dove Grey Orkney Dove Grey
Orkney Latte Orkney Latte